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A: Most likely you will need a new cartridge. Some manufacturers may offer free cartridges, but our staff can help you find the correct cartridge. If the tap is getting old, you may want a new one to spruce up your kitchen. We can also help you with this.

A: Your main drain most likely has a buildup and soon will be plugged and not able to drain. You will need to contact A&L Plumbing and have one of our experienced plumbers come and snake it and clean it out.

A: When the temperature starts to drop to zero Celsius in the evening, you should call and make an appointment. A good rule of thumb is that you will need to have an appointment booked between Thanksgiving and Halloween to ensure your pipes are ready for the cold weather.

A: The lifespan of the lamps and water filters is approximately a year. We recommend that you mark a yearly reminder on your calendar to schedule an appointment to change your ultraviolet (UV) lamp.

A: At this time of year, many people worry about frozen pipes. If you have any pipes that are close to any outside wall and they freeze up there are a few things you can try before you need to call A and L Plumbing and Heating  to help thaw them out. 

First you turn on the hot water tap, even if no water is coming out, the hot water will slowly work its way through. Also if the pipes are accessible you can use a hair dryer to try to thaw them out.

If that doesn’t work then it is time to call us and one of A And L Plumbing and Heating  experienced and licensed plumbers will come out and get your water flowing again. 

Another item that can freeze is your outside taps, even if they are in the garage. It is best to drain them down in the fall before it gets cold. And never leave a garden hose attached to the tap. Then it will for sure freeze up. If you have a shut off valve in the house, then turn off that valve and then go outside and turn on the tap to drain it down. Even though these taps are made of brass they can still freeze and break.  When spring comes along and you discover that the outside tap has split, we can easily come and fix it for you. 

Over the past 30 years we have thawed out many pipes in South Simcoe and York Region, since Canada can be such a cold climate. We have thawed out sprinkler systems that have not been winterized properly at horse farms and also at golf courses. Outside taps at homes and horse farms. All frozen pipes are a challenge but can be thawed out to get your water running again. 

If you have any concerns about your pipes, water sprinklers or any other plumbing challenges please do not hesitate to contact A and L Plumbing and Heating to help.

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