Building a new home? Speak to us about your plumbing needs.

Life is so exciting! You are going to build a new home. So many things to think about.

Let us help you with your plumbing choices. We can help you find all your options.

You will need toilets, sinks and faucets, showers and bathtubs and the controls to go with them. Are you planning on having a freestanding tub with fancy taps or a regular bathtub for the kid’s bathroom?

You will need sinks and faucets for your laundry room. And of course, you will want to water your flowers come the next spring or wash your car, so you will need outside taps in the right places. Does your refrigerator have an ice maker or water dispenser? Then you will need a water line to the fridge. Do you want to have a pot-filler beside your stove to fill up those heavy pots when you are entertaining guests or the extended family? 

Will you go with chrome, brushed nickel, stainless or black for your faucets? Are you going with white or bone for your toilets and all other bathroom fixtures? Do you have an extra hand wash sink in the kitchen or a bar sink in your family room? Again so many choices.

We can make suggestions as to which brands you should choose from.

Most of the time we recommend North American products. If down the line you need a repair part, it is easier to get.

Most of the time we work with American Standard, ToTo, Moen, Riobel or Grohe for your bathrooms.  Steel queen, Kindred, Moen for your kitchen needs. But there are many more brands out there to choose from.

Call our office and we can help you with all these choices. 

To go along with all these decisions we can give you a price on roughing in all your drain, vents and water pipes.

Also if you are out in the country you will need a pressure system to get the water from your well to your brand new home. We can help you get that up and running. Also, will you need an Ultraviolet system, Reverse Osmosis or Water Softener? We can help you with all of these items as well.

As I said before, call our office and speak to our staff there about your needs.